Special Transportation - Reduced Mobility

Autocarro transporte especial

Since November 1985, the SMTUC has a Special Service for the Transport of Passengers with Reduced Mobility in the following ways:


The Special Transport service is a means of transport for all persons with reduced
can make use of the regular public transport routes, especially those that use wheelchairs,
operating in a door-to-door system, upon prior admission to the service, with the following characteristics:

a) Regular Transports
Transport of a scheduled nature and repeated weekly, allowing a certain period of time
pre-defined, to ensure on a regular basis the requested transport;

b) Point Transports
Transportation ensured through the availability of vehicles, punctuated by a more sporadic nature and whenever
do not call into question the carriage provided for in (a);

c) Opening hours
This service is performed on weekdays, from 7:00 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. and on Saturdays (for a continuous period of not more than 7 hours),
between 7 am and 8.30 pm, subject to prior reservation in accordance with point 4 (a);

d) Annual availability of the service
The availability of this service varies according to your demand;

e) Conditions of admission
Presentation of the documents provided for in point 3, as well as having a residence and working in the Municipality of

The service is carried out by vehicles specially adapted for the transport of persons with reduced mobility,
particularly those using a wheelchair.
The vehicles have a maximum capacity of nine (9) seats, including the driver, and capacity up to four (4)

Applicants who wish to access the service and who comply with this standard must present the following
a) Application with identification of the candidate, must include the full name, date of birth,
identity card or citizenship card, residence and telephone contact, as well as
the number of people to be transported and the nature of the journey (punctual or regular);
b) Attestation of evidence, issued by a specialist doctor, with reference to the type and degree of disability;
c) A passport photograph.

a) The marking of the transport must be made in advance that allows its programming, being effective
subject to the existence of a vacancy;
b) Cancellation of transportation, both regular and occasional, will always be exceptional and should be done with the
minimum notice of 48 hours, except in cases of force majeure duly justified;
The repetition of non-compliance with the provisions of this section or of the non-use of scheduled transportation implies
reassessment of the procedure, the marking of the carriage being subject to the existence of a vacancy;
c) On Saturdays, the time of the first transport marking shall determine the time limit of the 7 hours in which the service
will be rendered;
d) Point Transport
Marking of timely transports must be made at least 48 hours in advance, at normal times of
for the Network Control Sector (SCR), by calling 239 801 100 (ext.304). Outside these hours, the
markings are made to the Network Control Center (CCR) (ext.316).
After the aforementioned deadline, no changes in time and place are allowed to scheduled transports;
e) Regular Transports
When there is weekly regularity in the requested transport, the customer becomes part of a weekly schedule,
not requiring daily marking, as referred to in point 6 (c), but the respective
the start and end dates of the intended transport.
Failure to use the programmed service for a period exceeding one week, except in cases of force majeure
justified, implies a review of the process, and the marking of the transportation subject to the existence of a vacancy.

The request for cancellation of admission to the service must be communicated to the Network Control Sector (SCR), with due

(a) the timely transport marking requires confirmation and an indication of the time at which it will take place,
contact to be made the previous day, from 14h30 to 17h00 for the Network Control Sector (SCR). In case of
non-compliance, transport shall be deemed to have been canceled;
b) Transportation requests made on the same day are immediately analyzed. However, these markings
are of an exceptional nature and their execution will depend on the availability of the service;
(c) For scheduled transport there is no need for confirmation. Any change in programming to these services
will be transmitted to the customer in advance.

a) Clients and any accompanying persons may travel as long as they carry a valid transport document, namely:
Pre-Bought Tickets
the General Network Pass (including the School Transportation Pass)
the Student Pass
the Senior Pass
the Senior Pass +
the Retired Pass / Pensioner for Disability
the Retired Pass / Pensioner by Disability +
the Pass With Me +
the Municipal Employee Pass
b) In this service, as in urban roads, the conditions for the use of transport tickets
"Coimbra conVIDA" (passes) and "Viaje conVIDA" (pre-purchased).
c) Customers who are aged up to 4 years (inclusive) benefit from free transportation.

(a) any changes to the documentation giving rise to the
b) The customer must be at the indicated place at the appointed time. If this does not occur, there will be no guarantees of
recidivism, except for reasons of force majeure and duly justified, shall entail regular transport, re-examination
of the process, with the marking of the transport being subject to the existence of a vacancy. In the case of timely transport, it implies that
admission of the customer to the service is annulled;
c) The days on which this service does not work, namely on Sundays and public holidays, do not take into account
determination of the deadlines provided for in this regulation;
(d) Where the place of origin and / or destination is conditional access, the customer shall ensure that it is made
conditions, so as not to harm the other customers of this service;
e) If necessary, clients must be accompanied by a person guaranteeing the necessary assistance;
f) The accommodation inside the vehicle is guided by the driver, in particular with regard to the positioning
of wheelchairs;
g) It is forbidden to travel without recourse to the appropriate safety equipment available on the vehicle (seat
wheels, seat belt, etc.);
(h) At the beginning of each school year, customers of this service shall provide as soon as possible all
necessary for the implementation of new programming;
i) The Municipal Urban Transport Services of Coimbra reserve the right to change totally or partially
without prior notice, and all customers are informed thereof.

(a) Additional information may be obtained through the Network Control Sector (SCR) on the premises of the
Municipalities of Urban Transport of Coimbra (SMTUC), located at Av. De Conimbriga (Guarda Inglesa), or through the
telephone 239 801 100 (ext.304);
b) Alternatively, the postal address may be used: Municipal Urban Transport Services of Coimbra -
Apartado 5015 - 3041-901 COIMBRA, or the e-mail address geral@www.smtuc.pt;
c) This document may also be consulted at www.smtuc.pt;
d) The SMTUC guarantee total confidentiality of the data collected, in accordance with the legislation in force, and its
only for the purpose for which they are intended.

Marcelo Moreira (Technical Coordinator)
Ricardo Grade (Higher Technician)

Oscar Carneiro (Head of Division)

Deliberation of the Board of Directors on 10/17/2018 (reg. 12018)

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