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The Municipal Urban Transport Services of Coimbra (SMTUC) is a municipal structure designed to ensure the Public Transport Service of Passengers in the Municipality of Coimbra.


Phone: 239 801 100 | Fax: 239 440 348 | Green Line: 800 203 280
E-Mail: geral@smtuc.pt
Address: Avenida de Conímbriga - Santa Clara, Ap.5015, 3041-901 Coimbra


Being a provider of urban public transport services with strong social, eminent, modern, trustworthy, safe, environmentally responsible concerns and thus contribute to the sustainable development of the County.


Ensure an adequate public transport offer to the needs of the population, developing actions that favor the option of using public transport.


Deixe o carro em casa, utilize os Transportes Públicos.

First phase, when Evaristo Nunes Pinto and Camilo Mongeon, concessionaires of the American railroad, from the railway station of the North to Coimbra, require, in February of the year of 1873 that the cars pass through the streets of the city, presenting for the effect plant of the project, start the development of the history of urban transport in Coimbra.

The council's decision was swift and came on Feb. 20. Nevertheless the subsequent development of the process dragged and only to 17 of September of 1874 the company in the meantime created, Rail Road Conimbricense, communicates to the municipality the opening to the exploration of the line, whose route went from Calçada to the station of the railway From north.

However, the Rail Road Conimbricense did not find an easy path and the request of authorization presented in 1885, to extend its line of the Toll to the Cais das Ameias, the present New Station, as well as a request to reduce the prices of the tickets , ended in a failed attempt to counter the stronger competition from the start of the railway branch to the City Center.


Acquisition of 10 electric buses

Acquisition process of 10 new generation electric buses (8 standard and 2 mini).


Launch of Botanic Line

(Mini-hybrid buses).


PEDU actions on Mobility

Real-time information, Tariff integration.


100th Birthday

In 2008 SMTUC marks the 100th Anniversary of Urban Transport in Coimbra, from 2008 to 2013 they are involved in the Program CIVITAS Plus.

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